Saturday, January 19, 2013

Padded DSLR Camera Strap Covers

At the request of a photographer friend of mine, the ever fabulous Heather Blair Photography, I added these beauties to the shop. The camera strap cover slides over your existing DSLR strap and are padded for extra comfort. You may choose from a variety of designer fabrics for your strap.

Choose one or two colors/patterns for a stylish and unique strap. BONUS- No more annoying logo advertising your brand camera =)

For fun, I can add a floral embellishment, a ruffle or two, some bows, maybe even some bling! Lets get crazy and design it together!! Also, if you are the type to lose that lens cap cover, we can add a pocket to hold onto the cap while you shoot!! 

The DSLR camera strap cover will be made to order based on your preferences. Prices start at $15 for basic 1 or two prints and go up depending on embellishments wanted.