Friday, November 18, 2011

Trendy Suspenders For Boys and Girls

Suspenders, also called braces, were once thought to be worn strictly by "nerds" or "geeks" to hold up their pants. Here at Pretty Baby Accessories, we see it differently! We think with the right colors and patterns and the perfect outfit, the once outcasted fashion can be trendy and fun.

We have added a variety of Suspenders for boys to our catalog and will continue to expand this collection over 2012 with Suspenders for girls. You will see designs in solid colors, funky patterns, traditional patterns, as well as some super cool animal print! As always, we are open to suggestions and custom designs, simply contact us to create a special pair for your guy or gal.

More recently we are beginning to see Trendy Celebrity tykes such as Mason, son of Kourtney Kardashian & Levi, son of Matthew McConaughey sporting the new fad and even on child models and magazine spreads. 

This new style has been seen worn on boys Solo or accompanied by a matching bow tie or neck tie. We are also starting to see them on girls to accessorize a denim skirt, to add a little something to a pageant outfit,and sometimes accompanied by a matching hair pretty!

I just love that old fads come full circle and mesh with the new styles forming a new hip trend with a classic feel. Check out this lil' rocker dude sporting one of our suspender sets! Way to be a trendsetter dude!


  1. Kids will love these trendy suspenders. Perfect for their outfits.

  2. Hi,

    How could I purchase a pair of suspenders for my 9 year old boy as he is in a wedding in march. I reside in Cape Town.


  3. i would also like to purchase a pair for my 6 year old and 3year old

  4. HI, I need a set of black braces and a bowtie for my 4 year old son for a wedding. Please advise where/how I can purchase them. I need them by 16 September>
    Zeynab Titus