Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Accessories- Headpieces With An Autumn Flair

Well, it’s official, fall is here! It is a little harder for to distinguish the seasons here in SoCal, but we had one crazy day of rain and BAM the temperature dropped! Back on Long Island (where I was born & spent most of my life) fall brought not only a drop in temperature but the gorgeous changing leaves. 

Our fall line has been well underway for about a month now but hey, its never too late to write about it! I am always inspired at odd times and this sudden realization that it REALLY IS FALL has just hit me =) All items in our 2011 fall collection are handmade with inspiration from those beautiful changing leaves that I miss so much!

The Autumn Rosette Headband is designed with my favorite harvest colors. The simple gorgeous trio is then finished with just a bit of bling in the center for a little sparkle.

Our Victorian Headband is a classic vintage inspired piece. 100% hand crafted. Each detail from the ruffled lace to the tiny leaves on the cranberry colored rosette is skillfully crafted. 

These are just a few of the designs created so far. Be sure to “LIKE” our facebook page to view more fall designs.

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