Friday, August 26, 2011

Where to find Reviews for Pretty Baby Accessories

I decided to disable to review tab on our Facebook page for a couple of reasons. First being that anyone, even if they have not done business with me, is able to leave a review. Second being, that if there is someone posting spam or bogus information to my review tab, I am not able to delete it. I actually have to submit a ticket to Facebook and cross my fingers that I get a response, which is not likely.

Consequently, I’m sure you are wondering where to find reviews for Pretty Baby Accessories. Here are a few places that you may:

1.       Our Etsy Shop – Here you may read reviews from our Etsy Customers. You are not able to leave a review if you have not purchased from our shop.

2.       Merchant Circle- Here you will be able to read AND write reviews for “PBA”. 

I hope you find this a helpful resource when researching Pretty Baby Accessories. If you have already done business with us, or received any of our products as a gift, I invite you to leave a review at any or all of these venues. Your feedback is always appreciated!

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