Thursday, August 18, 2011

Versatility- Hair Clips, Headbands, & Non Slip Grips

Here at Pretty Baby Accessories, we strive for customer satisfaction and as our mission states, “Our goal is to create the perfect hand made accessories with your needs/wants in mind”.  Recently, we’ve had many inquiries about the versatility of our headband collection. Some of your Pretty Babies prefer a hair clip or just won’t keep the headband on.

So to stay true to our goal, YES! We do offer the choice of putting our creations on an alligator clip, French clip, hair comb, or headband. In fact, many of our headbands can even be made interchangeable so that you may use any of our designs with a headband one day and as a fascinator the next!
For those girls with fine hair, we also offer a non slip grip to be added to your clippie at no additional charge! Just be sure to let us know your princess has fine hair and we will add one for you.

From here on out, our newborn headbands will come standard attached to the band. For older children, who will most likely have more hair, we will offer the option to have an interchangeable headband with the design on clip and a non slip grip by request.

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied, so all suggestions will be reviewed and applied where possible. Do you have a suggestion for us? Please click the contact tab at the top of this blog and send us a message.

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