Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Love Hand Made Denim Hair Accessories!

If you are a fan of Pretty Baby Accessories, you may have picked up on our fascination with Denim Hair Accessories.  A while back, we released a line of handmade hair bows that were frayed and sewed into a boutique style bow. The bows, which come in all sizes from baby to adult, are embellished with flowers, pearls, and rhinestones.

We love the denim look for a few reasons:

  • Always Trendy! The timelessness of denim makes our denim accessories a classic design that every Pretty Baby MUST have in her collection!
  • Versatile. You can wear it with a variety of colors and even prints, it will match just about anything
  • Durable. Denim can stand up to the toughest and the messiest of children! Smashed peas on the hair bow? No problem! Take a bit of water to it then air dry - good as new!

So why all this talk about denim? We have come up with a few new designs that we just KNOW you will love and NEED! Introducing our Denim Flower Collection: Featuring Denim Headbands and Hair Clips.

Each Denim Layered Flower (above) will be unique because the petals are all hand cut. We added a little bling for the center because everyone loves a bit of sparkle. The Denim Poinsettia Flower Clip (below) is made similarly with pointed petals. This shape is a bit more playful and reminiscent of a poinsettia.

My personal favorite from this collection is the Denim Flower Duo Headband (Below).  The duo of handmade denim flowers can be decorated with almost any color flower center (shown in salmon).  As with all our pieces, you may choose it to be on a clip or securely attached to the headband. 

We will continue to expand this collection in the coming weeks.  Be sure to “follow” or subscribe to our blog so that you may be among the first to know about our new designs as they launch.

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