Monday, June 20, 2011

New Trendy Bow Ties- Summer Picnic Collection

Our handmade boys bow ties have quickly become the best selling line at local craft fairs and on our website. Along with being a best seller, it has become my favorite item to make! I love to go to the fabric store to browse for patterns that I believe will be the next big seller. 

My recent trip has been a big success in my eyes. Seeing that the summer season has begun, I decided to 
focus on picking designs that were reminiscent of a summer picnic. Our red bow tie with white polka dots (above) is sure to be a hit with its vibrant color and subtle pattern. 

Our Boys Gingham Bow Tie (above) in black and white is a timeless piece. The popular print is a perfect accessory to add to your little man's wardrobe. The Denim bow tie (below) is one of my personal favorites. I can envision this piece on a toddler farm boy in overalls playing with the cows! (hmm, model idea!!!)

Plaid has always been a favorite pattern for moms of little boys. We've added a fun Boys Plaid Bow Tie in summery aqua (below) to appease those mamas. Please keep in mind, because of the nature of the printed plaid pattern, the design may lay differently in each handmade piece. You can clearly see an example of this in the following photo.

As we grow, we will continue  to add more bow tie options to our catalog. If you have something in mind and don't see it in our shop, please email us at .  We LOVE custom orders and are happy to match any outfit for you!

Bow ties come in any size: newborn- toddler- child- teen -adult!


  1. I love these! The quality looks amazing! I saw your post in LDMs wall and my son Bentley, 9 months is listed with them! We fell in love with bow ties a few months ago when my son won his first pageant wearing a pretty red bow tie! The reason my son should model for you is because he loves bow ties, he has experience modeling bow ties, and he would love the opportunity to show off your fabulous work! Bentleys modeling page is also available for you to check out and we will be adding more pics shortly! Thanks for this opportunity---- Bentley & Mom!

  2. Hi there I'm Corbin's Mommy via LDM here to spell out for you why Corbin 5year's should be your model for those AWESOME Bow Tie's for Boy's(-:
    C-CUTE,CUTE,CUTE as can be
    R-Rockin & Ready to Model
    B-Boy he <3's Bow Tie's and Fashion
    I-Interesting Character that show's in his photo's
    N-New to LDM and would LOVE his first booking!

    Thanks so much for making CUTE Bow's for Boy's hope to work with you soon,
    Corbinator and JoD(Mommy)!/corbinspage

  3. Hello! We saw your post on LDM :) I never expected the bow ties to be soooo cute! Ive never been a bow tie fan, but I would by one of these in a heart beat even if Leland(8months) was not choosen!!! We use a pro photographer, who happens to be our next door neighbor, so we have a quick turn around time. Please view Lelands comp card in the LDM albums :) Hope to work with and these just so stinkn cute ties!!!! Lelaand & momma

  4. Just saw your post on LDM wall! We would love the chance to model your bow ties. I have actually been looking to buy one for the 4th of July for my son! I think he would do a great job for you, we use a pro photographer, whom is a close friend so quick turn around times are a must. I do not really like to say my son would be the best, because I am certain that all these cutie pies would do a great job at modeling your items. I'll just say we would LOVE the opportunity :) Thank you! Maksim and Mommy :)