Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Logo- Same Great Products

I created the original logo with babies and foot prints when we first opened our virtual "doors" in January. I was going for something simple and reminiscent of the business I hoped to build. 

Original Logo
Now, just over 4 months later, I've "spruced" it up a bit. I wanted to create something that would reflect our style of hand made children's accessories, trendy and fun!

I took the original logo's font and embellished upon it.  Framing it in the same matching colors and adding a few vintage style swirls was just what the design needed for the boutique feel I desired. I added the layer of polka dots for something playful and finished it by adding our slogan, "beauty for belles & beaus".   

New Logo!

It's not too busy, but still has a little something exciting to it. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it, especially because I created it myself!  

*Kristina, owner/designer at Pretty Baby Accessories, is a PROUD self taught crafter. She has never taken a class in Graphics, sewing, or a craft of any kind. She believes that if you 

put your mind to it, research, and practice, you can accomplish just about anything!

What do you think about our new logo?

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