Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twist On A Marabou Puff - Unique Hair Accessories

Here at Pretty Baby Accessories, we are always looking to take recent fashion trends and make them unique. We have succeeded in doing just that with our latest creation- 
  Introducing the "Tuft Puff" hair clip collection. 
designed EXCLUSIVELY by Pretty Baby Accessories

"We really wanted to expand on the recent hair puff fad." Says owner/designer Kristina Pulistar, "Marabou Hair Clips are fun, but those feathers can get everywhere!"

The "Tuft Puff" uses eyelash yarn to create its puff base. The puff is then securely attached to a clip that can easily be attached to any of our headbands. The "Tuft Puff" will be available in 2" and 3" sizes and will be embellished with a variety of centers. This collection will range from $6 and up.  

Pretty Baby Accessories will be releasing limited quantities of these creations immediately, but this collection will be expanding in the coming weeks. 

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