Monday, May 30, 2011

Matching Accessories for Photo shoots, Holidays, or any day!

I always catch myself matching "Missy V's" outfit to her brothers, her mothers, and even MINE (I'm their nanny)! It is never on purpose, but it seems to be a subconscious impulse in me to match! Well, I have to take back the part where I said never. I think it is unbelievably adorable for siblings to be wearing matching outfits on holidays and ESPECIALLY in photos! 

V and T's Mom and I had a fun photo shoot with the two of them the week before Easter where they both ROCKED hand made Pretty Baby Accessories! Lavender was the theme of this holiday. T in a bow tie and V with matching clippies.

This love of matching has led me to release a collection of "sibling sets". We can now make a matching hand made rosette headband to compliment any of our little boys bow ties! To start the collection, we have added a yellow boys bow tie  to match our yellow rosette. We also have our Tangerine boys bow tie with a matching rosette. 

We are able to make a rosette to match any bow ties in the shop and of course, we ALWAYS welcome custom orders. Feel free to send us a photo of the outfits to match

Two girls? Two boys? 5 children to match? NO PROBLEM! We will customize your sibling set to accommodate all children! (starting at $18)

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