Monday, May 30, 2011

Matching Accessories for Photo shoots, Holidays, or any day!

I always catch myself matching "Missy V's" outfit to her brothers, her mothers, and even MINE (I'm their nanny)! It is never on purpose, but it seems to be a subconscious impulse in me to match! Well, I have to take back the part where I said never. I think it is unbelievably adorable for siblings to be wearing matching outfits on holidays and ESPECIALLY in photos! 

V and T's Mom and I had a fun photo shoot with the two of them the week before Easter where they both ROCKED hand made Pretty Baby Accessories! Lavender was the theme of this holiday. T in a bow tie and V with matching clippies.

This love of matching has led me to release a collection of "sibling sets". We can now make a matching hand made rosette headband to compliment any of our little boys bow ties! To start the collection, we have added a yellow boys bow tie  to match our yellow rosette. We also have our Tangerine boys bow tie with a matching rosette. 

We are able to make a rosette to match any bow ties in the shop and of course, we ALWAYS welcome custom orders. Feel free to send us a photo of the outfits to match

Two girls? Two boys? 5 children to match? NO PROBLEM! We will customize your sibling set to accommodate all children! (starting at $18)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out with the old- Memorial Day Clearance

A new season is fast approaching! In the business of accessories, that means SALE TIME! What better way to welcome in the new goodies than to give excellent discounts on last seasons items. [I am notorious for buying candy the day after Halloween!- BEST specials ;)]

Pretty Baby Accessories is pleased to offer a clearance sale for Memorial Day weekend. Just come on over to our Facebook page and find the album marked, "Memorial Day Clearance Sale" for discounted handmade children's accessories.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Three Cheers for the Red, White, & Blue

Summer is the season of cook outs, beaches, pool parties, & one of the most exciting holidays, Independence Day! Since that day in 1776, Americans have been celebrating our independence on July 4th. We show our patriotism in the form of fireworks and of course, dressing in Red, White & Blue- the color of our flag.

Here at Pretty Baby Accessories we have started the celebration early with the arrival of our patriotic collection! We have released a set of handmade patriotic headbands and two very special O.O.A.K (one of a kind) headbands ($7.50-$14). Perfect for any girl looking for an accessory for their party ensemble.

O.O.A.K-Patriotic Rosette Headband

No, We didn't forget about the boys! The limited edition "Patriotic Stars" little boys bow tie is available as clip on ($9) or with an adjustable Velcro strap ($10). 

Clip On

Velcro Strap

Be sure to pick up your patriotic accessory and be the best dressed Pretty Baby at the cook out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

In The Press! Tots to Teens Magazine

"You are receiving this email because we have chosen to feature your product on the pages of our Tots To Teens Magazine Summer issue 2011"- Words that any accessory business owner is proud to hear! Having your items featured in a publication is a great way to build brand recognition and drive traffic to your website. 

Editor-In-Chief of the magazine, Phyllis Pometta, chose to do a 4th of July spotlight in the summer issue. In the pages, you can find everything from full outfits to hair accessories and tutus in the patriotic Red, White & Blue.

We are honored to have our Adjustable Children's Belt in the themed patriotic colors be in the magazine and hope to be a part of the issues to come! Thanks Tots To Teens! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twist On A Marabou Puff - Unique Hair Accessories

Here at Pretty Baby Accessories, we are always looking to take recent fashion trends and make them unique. We have succeeded in doing just that with our latest creation- 
  Introducing the "Tuft Puff" hair clip collection. 
designed EXCLUSIVELY by Pretty Baby Accessories

"We really wanted to expand on the recent hair puff fad." Says owner/designer Kristina Pulistar, "Marabou Hair Clips are fun, but those feathers can get everywhere!"

The "Tuft Puff" uses eyelash yarn to create its puff base. The puff is then securely attached to a clip that can easily be attached to any of our headbands. The "Tuft Puff" will be available in 2" and 3" sizes and will be embellished with a variety of centers. This collection will range from $6 and up.  

Pretty Baby Accessories will be releasing limited quantities of these creations immediately, but this collection will be expanding in the coming weeks. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Self Taught & Proud of it- Pretty Baby Appliques!

I was never the type to enjoy sitting in a class room being lectured. As long as I can remember I was a hands on learner. Trial, Error, and I go WAY back and many years later, I haven't changed a bit. No sewing or crafting classes for this crafty woman!

Pretty Baby Accessories has been a dream come true for me. I am learning how to do something new every week & perfecting it to be sold in my store. Now don't get me wrong, I am no crafting goddess (just a goddess- ha!). I definitely waste a bit of my materials each time I teach myself something, but in the end it all seems worth it to me. The pride I have when mastering something I've taught myself is unparallelled! 

Created by Me (Kristina) Feel free to use it.
So what have I learned this past week you ask? APPLIQUES! For those who are not sure what an applique is - " A cutout decoration fastened to a larger piece of material". These can be shapes, characters, animals, and letters! I started easy and practiced with a diamond shape on a piece of scrap fabric. By the end of the day, I had perfected letters. The next day I graduated to creating a custom Lovey, or security blanket, with appliqued initials!

"Sports Star" Lovey
"Dino-mite" Lovey

I am so proud of my mastery and look forward to learning something brand new this following weekend! What have YOU taught yourself recently?

*owner/designer at