Monday, April 25, 2011

Creations From A Wandering Mind- Will I find my niche?

I must be the WORST blogger on the planet! I always tell myself "write a blog post today" and then find everything else to do besides write! I guess that is the downfall of having a wandering mind. From this day forward, I am swearing to write at least one post per week. As long as this sticky note reminder doesn't fall from my desk, I should remember =)

In two weeks it will be four months since Pretty Baby Accessories was born. It still amazes me that I have been able to turn my hobby of crafting & sewing into a small business. I have big ideas and even bigger goals for this next year, now I just need to keep my mind from going a million miles per minute!

Pretty Baby Accessories debuted its online presence with only a small variety of  girl's hair accessories.
Everything we make is hand crafted, making each item unique. The thing that sets us apart from other boutiques is that most of our items are one of a kind! Our goal is to add a special touch of personality to each accessory designed.

Double Fabric Rosette-Ivory Stretch Headband

But what about the boys?! My mind wandered constantly to thing of items that were for boys or unisex. After researching current trends for stylish boys, I came to the realization that bow ties were becoming a hit once again and added them to the store. Soon after, Sippy Cup Leashes, and most recently children's belts.

This wandering mind has yet to find that one item that will be my "niche". I enjoy creating a variety of trendy, affordable accessories ~ "Beauty for belles & beaus" Which is your favorite item we carry?



  1. Hi Im a new follower from the Uk just popping in from the blog hop
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  2. I totally get you on that! It is a balancing act and scheduling does help. Following you from Hop A Little Tuesday. I am hoping to find some lovely accesories. soon.


  3. Hello..Officially stopping by and following you from blog hop. I'm Marilyn from Hope you can stop by sometime.. Absolutely loving your blog & anticipating indulging in more posts. :))