Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bounce Back Sippy Strap - The Cup on a Leash!

I have heard many stories of moms traveling in the car and ::Insert screaming child:: there goes the sippy cup or bottle...under the seat! Now mom is frantically and blindly trying to reach around behind her seat and 90% of the time, it can't be reached. 

Once your toddler starts to hold the drinks on their own, it becomes the ever so fun (to them, of course) game of   "I drop it , Mommy Gets it"! Pretty Baby Accessories has solved the game with the release of our "Bounce-Back Sippy Cup Strap".

Our Sippy Cup Leash is designed to fit most cups and bottles. We use a sturdy piece of stretchy elastic to secure the cup and keep it from  a decorative ribbon for the leash part. We can even decorate your leash further with embellishments or bows like in our girls Hot Pink Zebra Print Sippy Cup Leash. 

The design is made to easily tie around car seats, strollers, high chairs, even shopping carts. No more lost cups and bottles. No more hitting the floor and being dirty. No more bending down over and over and OVER again to pick it up only to have it tossed again in 2 minutes. Now your toddler can throw it all s/he wants and it is still in reach!

Thread Elastic Loop through ribbon loop
Pull to secure

We can custom design your Sippy Cup Leash to your liking, match a cup, your stroller, or even an outfit. Just email us at to get started!


  1. very cute things. Im a blog follower from tuesdays hop. :)

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  2. I am now following you on face book and look forward to seeing all your great products. The cup strap is ideal. Stopping by from Hop a Little Tuesday and following you on GFC as well.