Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Wear A Hair Flower- Other Ways To Use Hair Clips To Accessorize

Yes, I know, Its called a "HAIR" clip, but there are many ways to use that pretty flower clip other than your hair!

My favorite thing to do with the pretty flowers I make is attach them to my purse! It can spruce up your old purse or just give it that something extra you need to match today's outfit! How adorable does this once drab purse look with a little PINK added!

Another fun way to use your flower clip or even a fancy, fun hair bow is to attach it to a belt. Turning a simple belt into a stand out accessory in a pinch! 

There are hundred of ways to use your hair accessory other than just in your hair! Be creative and you can create a one of a kind piece everyday!

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